ESSEDICOM is a creative communication agency that exploits in an original way all the most advanced technological resources in order to develop high quality, innovative and effective projects of communication. ESSEDICOM is particularly specialized in the world of children, for whom it plans and develops both entertainment and educational projects, through books, games, animations, spot and web platforms.

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"The 100 Geniuses who have changed the world"

Arnoldo Mondadori Publishing, 2010

Is anybody born as a genius? Not always.

Does one become a genius? Not always.

Is a genius an exceptional student? Not always.

Does a genius get rich? Not always.

So, who is a genius?

"The 100 incredible Places you must see"

Arnoldo Mondadori Publishing, 2011

Have you already climbed EVEREST and dived into the Mariana Trench? Have you already walked along the Great WALL OF CHINA and swum in LOCH NESS? Have you already imagined to fly to ATALANTIS and reach the MOON on a spaceship? Good! But you still miss many incredible places which you should see at least once in your life. And you will find them all in this book!

"The great Book of Maps"

Arnoldo Mondadori Publishing, 2013

To find a treasure you need a map!


Tecnodidattica, 2011

An innovative graphic globe accompanied by a DVD. This World-History globe presents 51 characters selected from different historical epochs; the DVD contains a 1 hour animation of the life of each character. The project has been translated into 5 languages for the European and U.S. market.

"Pinocchio Reinvents the World"

Fondazione C. Collodi & Cosea Ambiente spa, 2009

A three-year project about environmental education and sustainability dedicated to primary school children. The topics are: selected collection of household waste, energy and sustainability.


Cartiere Pigna, 2009-2011

Covers for school exercise-books. PIXIN GENERATION, URBAN STYLE, ANIMOVER, EXTRA styles.